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Official news

Daedalean and Avidyne signed an agreement

One of the important aspects in our pursuit to bring to the aviation market the first ever Machine Learning-based avionics system is finding reliable and well-established partners to deliver a custom certified (DAL-C, DO-254, DO-160G, DO-178C) avionics hardware platform for running our algorithms. This summer Daedalean and Avidyne signed an agreement on developing and joint marketing of a platform for our Detect & Avoid system. It is designed as several cameras and a powerful computation unit, interfacing to other aircraft electronics. The product is aimed to detect any airborne and ground hazard. Targeted to first provide a cockpit aid to manned civil GA aircraft, both fixed-wing and rotorcraft, the system is also well suited to address the demands of the emerging UAM industry, enabling safe flights of eVTOLs.

Later we will announce our other partnerships and advancements towards creating platforms for other customer-specific applications.