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Applying Design Assurance in Aerospace to AI – webinar recording

Watch to learn the practical ways for the design assurance and certification of the NN/ML-based applications for avionics.
Topics covered:
• Design Assurance overview: Regulations, processes, and safety assurance steps.
• Certification challenges using AI: How to deal with the potential risks and difficulties when using AI to deliver intended functionality.
• How can Design Assurance be applied to Machine Learning? How Learning Assurance combines with Design Assurance steps to provide an acceptable means of project compliance.
• The problem of "Machine Learning certification": application of Leaning Assurance as a base for AI certification.
• Data Management – the cornerstone of Learning Assurance.

This webinar was held together by ConsuNova's Head of Advanced Avionics Systems, Martin Beeby, and Daedalean's Founder & CEO, Dr. Luuk van Dijk, on 2022-10-19.