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Official news

Our public demonstration at the press event in Schaffhausen

Daedalean participated last Friday at the technology event at Canton Schaffhausen (Switzerland). We demonstrated key features of the product we will announce soon in partnership with UAVenture. is the provider of AirRails, autopilot system for hybrid VTOL and professional drones. For more than a year we've been developing a visual navigation system together which enhances the autopilot, enabling an UAV to sustain flight in GPS denied scenarios and detect safe landing spots during flight. And that is what we demonstrated: the drone was preparing to land – suddenly a car approached below – the drone aborted the landing and returned to a previously found safe landing spot during the flight. This is called "dynamic obstacle recognition and avoidance" and was performed in autonomous mode, without a human pilot. Thanks to Business Location Schaffhausen for the event and the opportunity to demonstrate our newest development, to our Head of Systems Boris Videnov and to the Daedalean's flight tests team for all their huge work to make this possible. And thanks to UAVenture, our valuable and cooperative partner who backs all our development of the visual system for drones, and who provided the drone used as demonstrator at the event.