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Official news

Daedalean CEO Luuk van Dijk gave a talk at the EASA annual safety conference

European Union Aviation Safety Agency has held its Annual Safety Conference in Helsinki on November 4-5, 2019. Daedalean participated in the panel devoted to Digitalization in Aviation. Thanks to the moderator Jean Marc Cluzeau, the panel produced a great discussion on autonomy in the air. Could AI and NeuralNetworks replace human pilots? How safe it will be? Check out the talks of Luuk van Dijk (from 42:30), Erick Ferrandez, Frederic Sutter, Pierre Jouniaux and Jean Jourdan (Thales), and don't miss the Q&A session in the end: 

"Is there enough data to decide whether #AI is good enough yet to replace the human?" – "NO. There are reports on TCAS in Europe saying pilot does the right thing only 75% of the time when there is an alert; but there is no data to see how often the pilot avoids incidents." This is quoted from the Q&A following the talk of our CEO, Luuk van Dijk. Luuk talked on #automation and #autonomy in the air, and was flooded by online questions: the industry specialists really were eager to get the insight – by when will the human be out of the cockpit.