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Autonomous fight: feasibility and challenges of certification (video – a talk by Luuk van Dijk)

Together with six other speakers, on January 19, our CEO, Luuk van Dijk, presented at Dubai HeliShow, a biannual Helicopter Technology conference, which took place this year in a virtual format. He described and showed how we implement the functions of Detection, Navigation and Landing as visual-based onboard systems that use ML-trained algorithms. Check this video out to learn why we approach the task of autonomous flight by deconstruction the actions of a human pilot and why we started from replicating their visual tasks under VFR.  Also, Luuk talks about the possibility of the certification of the safety-critical neural network-based applications: why they are not an unpredictable and non-deterministic black box, and how we can prove that, if implemented right, they are actually safer than the classical software code; how they can be safety-assured and eventually certified. All the conference talks can be watched here: