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What to expect
You will matter
This is not a large organization where you have limited impact. With us, you will have an effect on the direction we take and the outcomes we achieve.
Smart people
You will be in a good company with a team of ex-Google, YouTube, CERN, and SpaceX engineers — and an emotional support dog, too.
We are developing our product. In work time nothing else matters. Dress, look, and think however you want. Our meetings are for discussing work, not which bathroom to use.
Getting things done
We set goals, and we hit them. No "performance management", just performance.
Generally Awesome Engineer (Zürich, CH)
Your role: to come up with algorithms and code to completely and reliably replace the human pilot, only bound by the laws of Nature and rules of the air.
FPGA/ASIC and Machine Learning Engineer (Zürich, CH)
Your role: to deliver perfectly optimized low-level implementations of high-level algorithms developed by our engineering teams.
Senior Software Engineer - Annotation & Machine Learning Tools (Minsk, BY)
Your role: to develop, improve and maintain image and video processing tools for our Data Annotation team, supporting the development of our neural networks-based algorithms.
There is more
There is more (roles, technologies and challenges)! Let us know what you like and we'll try to work something out together: careers@daedalean.ai