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Autonomous piloting systems for aircraft of today and tomorrow
Safety requires it, Technology enables it, Economics makes it inevitable. Continuing a historical trend of growth in aviation, the dependency on human pilots will be reduced further and further.
We develop the software for pilotless, safe, fast, quiet, clean and affordable air transportation. We partner with renowned avionics suppliers to provide a full range of systems and support.

Daedalean's Eval Kit
Try our visual functions now
Moving to autonomy is a long and incremental process. It's time to begin. Explore the capabilities and performance of the visual technologies for solving the key tasks of flying. Evaluate their suitability on your roadmap to autonomy. Collect data in a controlled environment. Fly with Eval Kit.

Watch the live data onboard with the provided tablet UI. Or integrate the data into your environment as defined in the ICD. And, of course, Eval Kit records raw and detailed benchmark data for post-flight analysis.

We offer installation and evaluation support as well as the drawings and documentation required to test the equipment.

Functions and products

Visual Traffic Detection
Visual Landing Guidance
Visual Positioning
Eval Kit
Version 2023-04
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Situational intelligence™ in the skies: The complete overview and factsheets on Daedalean's technology and products

Vision for autonomy

Key visual tasks
at key phases of flight
Taxi, take-off and initial (vertical) climb
Detect and avoid hazards (on ground and airborne)
Emergency landing guidance to a safe site (known and unknown)
Detect and avoid airborne hazards (also non-cooperative)
Position and navigate (also in GNSS-denied environment)
Final approach, (vertical) landing, and taxi
Precision landing on pre-marked site
Final approach, (vertical) landing, and taxi
Safe landing on unmarked site