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Eval Kit
Software function demonstrator
for onboard computer vision applications
In a few years, standard avionics equipment will enable aircraft to operate autonomously. Existing aircraft will enjoy autonomy retrofits. What should fleet operators do today?

Start collecting the relevant data now. Explore the capabilities and performance of visual technologies for solving the key tasks of flying.

Read our blog post about the incremental process of adopting the new tech in aviation to learn why you should start with that as soon as possible.
Eval Kit is suitable for Aircraft OEMs, avionics manufacturers, STC and TC holders, large fleet operators. Buy or rent it to collect your flight data independently. Or partner with us on a long-term, far-reaching project to develop advanced situational awareness systems and enable safer flight Operations.

You get the drawings and documentation required to test the equipment.

We help with custom mountings, enclosures, and support upon request.

Explore the output of the visual functions

Evaluate the output of the visual systems using the included tablet: just watch it on the tablet display during the flight.

The Eval Kit also records raw and benchmark data for post-flight analysis.

Or make a deeper integration: connect your avionics, flight control, and autopilot to receive the data from Eval Kit systems in real-time.
Version 2021-12
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Included hardware, SWaP, installation and integration
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