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Overview of EASA regulations on UAS and U-space as of by August 2022

Here we offer our overview of the complicated regulatory landscape concerning European autonomous flight – feel free to download by the link below.

The largest civil aviation agencies acknowledge that urban air mobility is just around the corner, so they are rushing to develop proper rules and procedures to integrate it into the existing airspace smoothly and in time. EASA proposed a regulatory framework to cover innovative airborne technologies, such as unmanned aerial systems (which include pilotless air taxis with passengers) and VTOL-capable aircraft. The suggested amendments to existing regulations and the new ones address the initial and continuing airworthiness of the unmanned aerial systems, the ops requirements, and flight crew licensing in the case of manned aircraft. 

The regulations also concern the variety of new types of air mobility (transportation of passengers or cargo in different geographical scales, from urban environments to intercontinental flight) and a multitude of new aerial services which are emerging now to make it work. 

On top of this, they introduce several new concepts, such as U-space airspace (the geographical zone where UAS operations are only allowed to take place to ensure the segregation principle).

Overview of EU regulations and UAS and U-space
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