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Official news

Daedalean wins the first annual Swiss AI Award

The Swiss AI Award is set to be held annually to promote the important topic of artificial intelligence. It was funded by the >>venture>> competition run by the ETH, the ZKB Pionierpreis, the Digital Economy Award, the Swiss ICT Award, the Swiss ICT Investor Club (SICTIC), and other renowned foundations and organisations from across Switzerland. The award honours the most promising and innovative AI ideas and business models.

Three finalists, including Daedalean, were chosen from hundreds of different start-ups. The jury consisted of professors and researchers from Switzerland’s leading universities, large tech firms, and VCs. And on October 7, at the award event, Daedalean was declared the winner. This is an honour we are proud of, and the award serves as inspiration while we're raising our next round of funding. 

Below you can watch the event (in German).