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Daedalean opens office in US to serve both Americas

Phoenix, AZ, August 04, 2022

Daedalean, with offices in Switzerland and Latvia, now opens the US office to serve the region of both Americas. The company is naming industry tech and sales veteran Dr. Yemaya Bordain as President of its Americas business, trusting her to lead innovation and partnership efforts at the new office. The business development titan joins Daedalean after more than seven years as Global Sales Director at Intel Corporation.

Dr. Bordain joins Daedalean as a recognized business leader in the embedded aerospace and defense industry and an expert in the safety certification of multi-core avionics systems. She architected and grew the global adoption of Intel’s product offerings addressing safety in the aerospace industry. She managed industry-leading advances in partnership with top global OEMs, including Lockheed-Martin Corporation, Collins Aerospace, Indra Sistemas, and Mercury Systems. Bordain will lead the new office and foster a robust US presence that will serve as a springboard for partnerships, business opportunities, and furthering relationships with American corporations, business leaders, and regulators.

“Yemaya Bordain brings her strong technical and domain expertise in a winning combination with the aerospace industry-wide relationships and deep knowledge of the ecosystem. Landing this accomplished and talented executive to lead the Phoenix office shows the priority, dedication, and commitment to Daedalean’s strategic development in the US,” says Daedalean CEO and founder Dr. Luuk van Dijk.
Luuk van Dijk, Yemaya Bordain, Anna Chernova

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