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Collaboration with Recogni

The use of Commercial-Off-The-Shelf hardware to get sufficient computing oomph in avionics that have to be certified for safety-critical use is fraught with complications. In our CoDANN II report, we analyzed using GPUs under AMC 20-152A and AMC 20-193 and concluded the market dynamics made it unlikely that such devices would ever become available.

Therefore we are very excited to announce our collaboration with Recogni, who have agreed to supply the documentation required for us to be able to use and certify their cutting-edge Scorpio, which will deliver a petaflop at a very modest power budget and give us a path to meet the tight SWaP requirements of the aerospace market.

To explain why this is a big deal, today we publish the appendix we excluded when we first released the public version of our report. Comments welcome: reach out to us by or on our Linkedin post here.