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Daedalean – Volocopter: vision-based autonomy, flight test 2019-03

An explanatory video of vision-based autonomy functions that Daedalean is working on -- demonstrated in flight test with Volocopter and showing the near-term concept of what the functions will look like. Daedalean and Volocopter conducted joint #flight_tests on Wednesday 27th March 2019 at the airfield in Bruchsal (D) in order to test Daedalean’s Visual situational awareness system (“Raven”) on board an experimental Volocopter. The tests demonstrated crucial environmental perception capabilities for visual navigation and collision detection in landing and en-route scenarios, using 3 high definition cameras mounted outside the fuselage of the aircraft, the data from which are fed to the on-board computer vision and artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms.